Acta Marine Wind Services BV (former OWS)

Acta Marine Wind Services BV (AMWS) is a vessel owner dedicated to provide crew vessels for the Offshore Wind Industry. In total, AMWS can offer clients a range of 10 dedicated wind farm services vessels / crew transfer vessels that are capable of safe and secure docking with boatlandings at vessels or offshore wind turbine generators (WTG) during construction, commissioning and O&M periods. 

It has been established as a joint venture between Workships Contractors B.V. (Workships) and Royal Doeksen from the Netherlands. In 2015 OWS got sold to Acta Marine based in Den Helder, including the UK subsidiary OWPMS Ltd. More information about Acta Marine can be found here.

The daily management of the company remained with Workships Contractors, who have successfully been providing these services to OWS over the last years 4 years. Workships manages all activities of AMWS and provides operational, technical and HSE/QA assistance to these vessels. 


Before being acquired by Acta MarineOffshore Wind Services B.V. (OWS) has been established as a joint venture between Workships and Royal Doeksen from the Netherlands. Beginning 2012 Rotterdam based company OWS, acquired 100% of the shares of one of the best known operators in the Offshore Wind crew transfer industry, Offshore Wind Power Marine Services Ltd. (OWPMS). With this step, Workships gained valuable knowledge of the offshore wind industry.

Based on the coast of North Wales UK, OWPMS have been operating Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) since 2006. They were involved with the construction of the UK's first large scale offshore wind farm project at North Hoyle built during 2003, where we continue to to operate a CTV for logistical purposes. Since delivery of their first of type vessel 'Offshore Provider' back then, they have provided successful services, as well as been instrumental in developing many of the safety policies and innovations that are standard in the industry today. With many transfers safely completed, OWPMS understands the special and unique requirements of the offshore wind farm sector.