BMO-Offshore is a company that develops, designs, constructs and operates integrated measurement solutions for the offshore wind industry. Their integrated measurement solutions and data applications are for all stages of offshore wind projects. The Vessel BlackBox is the latest addition to their range of measurement and data systems, aimed at reducing the risks and costs of offshore wind power. 

Workships Contractors B.V. introduced this BlackBox on two 19 meter crew transfer vessels in 2012. With this we offer our clients an easy framework for daily reports on optimization of fuel consumption, crew tracking, passenger comfort and safety. 

The BMO BlackBox is a flexible, integrated and robust vessel movement monitoring system for Crew Transfer Vessels. Innovative sensor solutions from the aerospace industry are used, with superior performance and much lower cost than conventional sensors used in the offshore industry. The complete system is installed as a standalone unit by BMO and is directly usable and easily removable. BMO offers the Vessel BlackBox as a full-service package with detailed reporting to the client.

For more information on BMO-Offshore please refer to their website.