Oil & Gas Services

Workships Contractors B.V. has been engaged in all aspects of the offshore industry for over 25 years. Our global presence and experience makes us a skilled and reliable partner for offshore vessel projects, as well as services in logistics, vessel audits, crewing and concept development.  

Below you can find some of the vessels and rigs we have been successfully operating the last years:

- Semi submersible drilling rigs (North Sea/ Brazil)

- Semi submersible accommodation platforms (Brazil)
- Mobile offshore production platforms (Thailand)
- Dynamic positioned accommodation vessels (Mexico)
- Dynamic positioned diving support vessels (Arabian Gulf)
- Anchor handling and platform supply vessels ( World-wide)

Why Workships?

Workships traditionally gets involved in unusual projects, where rigid thinking would prevent the desired results from being achieved. Every vessel is considered individually, since each vessel has been built for a different purpose. Thus, each owner receives tailored management for the vessel and owner required services. Moreover, Workships co-operates closely with owners and clients whereby the development of bridging documents, requirements and management system responsibilities are easily shared.