Workships Contractors B.V. is currently operating 10 Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) owned by Acta Marine Wind Services (formerly OWS) and a Diving Support Vessel. We have been operating in the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. In the UK we operate through Offshore Wind Power Marine Services Ltd. (OWPMS) and in Germany with our partners Frisia-Offshore. This way, we can offer local services and act fast and flexible. 

The fleet of Crew Transfer Vessels under our management have made over 400.000 safe transfers since 2006. A few examples of our track record are: Anholt, Prinses Amalia (Q7), North Hoyle, Burbo Bank, Barrow, Robin Rigg, Gunfleet Sands, Thanet, Rhyl Flats, Kentish Flats, Greater Gabbard, Luchterduine, Walney II for clients such as MT Højgaard, ABB Power Technologies AB, Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors, Siemens plc, npower renwables, Thanet Offshore Wind Ltd, Dong Energy A/S, Vattenfall, Vestas Wind Systems A/S.

Workships is working closely with BMO Offshore. Their integrated vessel measurement solution Vessel BlackBox is installed on our crew vessels. This way we can monitor our performance and work with the industry on improving it continuously. 

With ongoing commitments AMWS' vessels are proving to be a preferred choice amongst contractors and project owners who recognise the need for vessels on which they can depend. The type leading multi purpose wind farm support vessels have been equipped with the latest technology and designed to transport personnel and equipment in comfort and safely to offshore wind turbines - close to shore as well as further offshore. They are specifically targeted at wind farm projects throughout Europe.  New larger vessels coming on stream will be built to class to conform to other European member state rules, such as Germany. With the right type of vessel and fully trained experienced crew you can be sure all your requirements and safety needs will be met.

In 2011, Workships and Royal Doeksen set up the joint venture Offshore Wind Services B.V. (OWS) which acted as growth platform for the Offshore Wind business. In 2015, OWS was sold to Acta Marine. More information