Offshore Oil, Gas and Renewables

Workships Contractors B.V. is a leading asset manager with global presence  30 years of experience in managing offshore support vessels, drilling and services platforms, crewing, procurement, logistics, vessel auditing and investment development.


Our lean organisational setup with an agile and devoted team enables Workships Contractors B.V. to operate in a low-cost environment. Combined with the commitment of the shareholders and their long-term vision on the offshore energy markets positions Workships Contractors B.V. well to further identify and develop opportunities in the current volatile and challenging offshore market.


Workships Contractors B.V. was founded in 1988 in Rotterdam by the van der Lely and Cordia families as the structure to operate the DP III Dive Support Semi-Submersible rig, Amethyst. Since that time Workships has performed as a vessel management owner and operator in all aspects of the offshore industry.


New website launched

25 June 2019

Workships has launched her new website!

ISO9001:2015 Certification

12 December 2018

Workships is proud to announce that we are ISO9001:2015 certified.