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12 November 2018

TMSA #Navigational Audit is necessary to survive in the world- wide tanker market as it improves standards of opera…

OHSAS 18001 Certificate

06 January 2016

Granting OHSAS 18001 Certificate

06 January 2016
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Occupational Health and Safety is the key for an operational organisation such as Workships Contractors B.V. in what is sometimes a hostile environment such as the Offshore Oil & Gas industry and the Renewable Energy industry.

The safety management system of Workships Contractors has been recently tested by Lloyds Register, our auditors. We proudly announce that we have passed this test with good result, which this certificate is proof of.

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Expansion management board Acta Marine

17 September 2015

Workships and Acta Marine are pleased to announce that, end of September, Mr. Rob Boer will join the management board of Acta Marine Wind Services B.V. as managing director.

Rob Boer (53) has extensive senior management experience in leading marine and offshore ship owning companies. He has held leadership positions at Dockwise, Nordic Heavy Lift, Van Es Group/ Jack-up barge and recently focused on the offshore wind service and support markets.

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Sail Amsterdam 2015

27 August 2015

Offshore Provider participated in the Sail Amsterdam celebrations this month, various stakeholders and members of staff from Acta Marine stepped on board to enjoy the festival throughout the week.

Over 50 stunning tall ships came from across the world to take part in the festival, which takes place every five years and sees hundreds of boats accompanying these historic vessels on a trip from IJmuiden, in the western Netherlands, to the capital, Offshore Provider was one of these vessels.

For the rest of the week she remained in the city taking many guests for tours around the tall ships fleet moored within Amsterdam’s harbours and docks, returning to her berth each day for a private close-up view of the fantastic fireworks displays that where performed across the week.

The weather remained beautiful for the whole week and everybody who joined onboard had an exciting and memorable time.